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Office 2547, 321-323 High Road, Chadwell Heath, Essex, RM6 6AX


Justin Rollins first picked up a spray can aged just 9 years old. He wandered the London streets spraying his tag, it was his form of identity and the start of his creative streak.
In the late 90s his tag 706 was sprayed and recognised in every corner of London.
Justin is the only traditionally published London graffiti artist penning The Lost Boyz aged just 24.
Years later Justin’s artistic streak turned to business creating his company Mural Maestro. Justin and his team create high-end murals for all types of businesses and organisations, but most importantly for Justin is his work within secure environments such as prisons. With lived experience Justin has a greater knowledge of the prison system and has worked with numerous prison governors to change the environment through art murals. 

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